Client charged with selling heroin to undercover officer on two occasions. Client had two prior drug offenses for which he received 18 months in prison. Currently on misdemeanor probation with a violation pending. Client also had pending charges for battery to a police officer and resisting arrest. Result: negotiated plea for 18 months probation.


Client arrested for driving on a revoked license after a DUI conviction, which is a felony offense. Client had 16 prior convictions for driving on a suspended license, and did prison time for the most recent. Client faced a long prison sentence. Result: finding of no probable cause at preliminary hearing after officer was impeached by his reports as to the time of occurrence and whether radar was used to detect speeding.


Client charged with delivery and possession of over 20 grams of heroin. Surveillance caught him supplying street dealers with drugs. Client was recently off parole. Result: finding of no probable cause at preliminary hearing.   

Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Police surveillance officer, from a distance of about 15 feet, watches client serve two customers crack cocaine and receive money in return. During a third delivery, client is accused of acting as lookout for accomplice. Alleged activity included looking up and down street, stating "it's clear", and directing buyer to his accomplice. Surveillance officer radios enforcement team and that buyer, seller and client are arrested. Seller found with money; buyer found with rock. Client facing Class X sentencing (6-30 years in prison, no probation). After one-day trial, client acquitted of all charges based on impeachment and lack of credibility of police officers.

Illegal Re-Entry

Client convicted of Drug Conspiracy and sentenced to 20 months in prison. Later, deported by ICE to Mexico. Returned without permission to U.S. and is arrested for illegal re-entry which occurred while still on supervised release (federal parole.) Sentencing guidelines recommend a sentence of 46-57 months, which Government requests. Arguments made: 1) guidelines are too high and have no empirical basis, 2) client's criminal history is overstated, and 3) cultural assimilation. Received sentence below guidance: 40 months in prison with recommendation of RDAP (drug treatment program which can reduce sentence by to one year.) 

Probation/Armed Robbery

Defendant, a 17 year old, approaches a woman and her elderly mother as they get into their car after exiting a grocery store.  After brandishing and threatening the woman with replica gun, defendant robs her of her purse.  Defendant is arrested minutes later, in area, with her purse, still in possession of replica gun.  Defendant identified on scene by victim, and issues a full written confession.  Initial charge is Armed Robbery, 6-30 years in prison.  Reduced to Aggravated Robbery, sentenced to probation and 30 days community service.


Client charged with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, 13 grams of heroin, to a police informant while surveillance team watches.  Based on two prior felony convictions for similar cases, client faced a sentence of 6-30 years in prison with six years as a mandatory minimum.  Case dismissed after a motion to suppress evidence is granted.

Medical Marijuana

Client arrested in rural Illinois while traveling from California to Delaware with his dog and stopped for traffic violation.  Search of car resulted in seizure of 664 grams of marijuana.  Possessed medical marijuana card and was authorized to possess small amounts of marijuana to assist with chronic pain resulting from serious auto accident years ago.  Prosecutor unsympathetic, requests 4 years probation, 180 days in jail, drug treatment program with no tolerance for usage.  Client fired first lawyer who told him to take the deal.  Result: 2 years probation, no jail, no treatment program, no drug tests, probation transferred to California, can use marijuana as he wishes in compliance with California law.

Delivery of a Controlled Substance

Officers on routine patrol, 2 cars, 4 officers, see client in a hand-hand exchange through an iron gate with another and believe narcotics transaction occurred.  They approach client who runs into building and is arrested on second floor.  Heroin recovered from window sill where officers say they saw client place heroin.  Client has 10 prior convictions, 40 prior arrests, has 3 other pending felonies in various courtrooms throughout county.  Client facing mandatory minimum 6-30 years in prison and consecutive to any other convictions.  Result: case dismissed, all charges dropped after motion to suppress evidence is granted.

Aggravated UUW

Traffic stop. Cops view loaded weapon in car, uncased, accessible and no FOID card.  Mandatory minimum 1 year in prison case.  Client fought with cops on arrest and despite being beaten up was also charged with Aggravated Battery and Resisting/Obstructing.  Motion to Suppress granted.  All charges dismissed.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Client arrested on traffic stop in Kane County, felony quantity of cocaine found in car which he admitted was his.  Client a legal permanent resident who upon a conviction of a felony faced likely revocation of his green card and deportation.  Father of two children suffering from cochlear implant surgeries who continue to need constant medical attention.  If father deported, family would have to return to Mexico where necessary medical care for children not available.  Result: negotiated charges reduced to misdemeanor for probation and community service on a non-drug offense (traffic only) so that no aggravated felony conviction and no likely ICE issue.

Marijuana Possession

Traffic stop and seizure of felony amount of marijuana.  Client reportedly finished felony probation for same offense.  Initial offer: jail time on felony.  After persuasive mitigation evidence developed, case reduced to misdemeanor possession for one year probation.

Aggravated Assault

Client on felony probation for Aggravated Robbery, confronts former girlfriend with her new boyfriend, threatens to kill both of them, demonstrates he has a gun in his sleeve.  Upon conviction, looking at long prior sentence on a violation of probation which was a plea to a reduced offense where that judge told him he would get a long sentence upon any violation. Case went to trial. Result: finding of not guilty. No violation filed.


Client convicted of manufacturing U.S. currency, then selling it to a government informant at a discounted rate.  Informant video/audio recorded transaction.  Client had about 30 prior arrests and about 10 prior convictions.  Government and Probation recommended 33-41 months in federal custody.  Sentence: no prison; 7.5 months of community confinement.  Client did not cooperate against anyone else.