"When a person has been charged or is facing criminal charges, he has many options when it comes to selecting counsel for representation.  Most attorneys who practice criminal defense law are competent.  However, there are differences among them.


We pride ourselves on listening to the client so we can fully understand the situation.  Next, we conduct a full and independent investigation into the matter.  We will then sit down with the client, explain the results of the investigation and discuss all options in the case.

If the client wishes to settle the case, we will use our vast experience to get the best result.  If plea bargaining or settlement is the best option, we have the experience to know when to begin these discussions, what leverage to use, to whom to speak when negotiating, and whether the forum is appropriate or a change is needed.  We have years of experience and the knowledge and familiarity with the court systems to know how best to proceed on your behalf to obtain the best result.

If the case goes to trial, we will aggressively defend and fight your case.

This is your freedom, your liberty at stake, and we appreciate that fact.  Your case means more to us than just another client with a problem."

Drug Offenses.    Conspiracy.    Money Laundering.    Fraud.    DUI.    Burglary.    Counterfeiting.    Murder.    Aggravated     Battery.    Sex Offenses.    Robbery.    Gun Charges.    Assault/Domestic Battery.    Orders of Protection.    Identify Theft.   Mortgage Fraud.    Reckless Conduct.    Resisting Arrest.    Obstruction.    Illegal Re-Entry.    Kidnapping.    Theft.   DRL/DSL. Drivers License Reinstatement Hearings.    Probation/Parole Violations.    Shoplifting.    Tax Fraud.   Intimidation/Harassment.    Racketeering.    Extortion.    Arson/CDTP.